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Theme park in Gran Canaria: know how the aborigines lived

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about us

Would you like to know how the ancient aborigines of the Canary Islands lived? Then you have to visit Mundo Aborigen, a theme park where you can learn about the customs of the first men who populated our island.

Throughout its 120,000 m² of extension in a unique environment, different scenes of the daily life of these first settlers are represented and of the tasks that they carried out daily: how they slept, what kind of food they ate and how they were cooked, what they were their domestic animals, how they structured their homes, what kind of religious cults they performed ...

To regain strength after the intense and fun ride, you can regain strength in our cafeteria. You can taste specialties of Canarian cuisine such as wrinkled potatoes or old clothes. In addition, you can enjoy a wonderful barbecue based on Canarian meats. You will suck your fingers!

And if you want to take an original souvenir of our park, stop by our souvenir shop, you will find a wide variety of gift items with the name of the park (t-shirts, key chains, caps ...) and other handmade with emblems of the Canary Islands.

At Mundo Aborígen we are aware that to understand our present it is essential to know our past.

Come and meet us.

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